Our Home Building Process

Introduction Process

  1. Fill out a form - Click “get started,” provide us with a detailed description of what you are looking to achieve, and let us know how we can reach you. Our project manager will contact you within 24 hours to start the conversation.

  2. Schedule a site walkthrough - After scheduling a phone call to discuss your project, we will schedule an on site walk through of the property, answer all your questions, and inform you of the next steps.

  3. Receive a proposal - From our meeting, we will provide a proposal of the services, schedule a call to go over each item on our estimate, and answer all your questions

Pre-site Process

  1. Once you are satisfied with our proposal, contracts and guarantees, we will send you a custom home organizer, our sample home operation manual, and inform you of what to expect at each phase of construction.

  2. Interface with your Architect/Designer throughout the design process providing cost analysis at each design phase

  3. Manage, organize, and submit permit documentation throughout the permit process

  4. Before work begins, we will help you start the product selection process and provide tools for organizing and selecting the products you want installed in your home.

  5. We will produce a construction schedule so you can track the construction progress

  6. Take before photos to compare to the final product

Construction Process

  • Once you have made it through the submittal processes and have a permit, we prepare your site for construction by masking off and protecting parts of your home we are going to preserve before demolition phase.

  • Install security protections and video surveillance of site.

  • Ensure quality control and assurance of ethical procedures at each phase of construction

  • Qualify subcontractors for quality and ensure performance of contracts.

  • Manage and process product substitution requests

  • Monthly progress billing payments as a % of phase complete

  • Manage and facilitate review and approval of shop drawings for custom products

  • Manage and organize product purchasing, delivery, and installation requirements.

  • Ensure permit and inspection compliance at required construction phases

  • Organize and distribute design and specification documents to installing contractors

  • Consistent schedule, and inspection reporting

  • Periodic on site meetings

  • Development and distribution of punch lists

  • Store and share photographic documentation of progress

  • Consistent and open communication from start to finish of the home of your dreams

  • Final Professional Photographs

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy of building custom homes comes from our extensive background of over 30 years in the business. Building or remodeling a home is not just about the raw materials or the design - its a long-term collaborative partnership that relies on trust and communication.

Building custom homes or large remodels starts with making costs and expectations transparent as we guide you through each step of turning your vision into a reality. We want to earn your confidence form day one by setting honest expectations of expenses and schedules through clear and honest communication.

At Phillip Price Construction, we focus on front-end organization in order to limit unforeseen costs and delays to your project. We have developed organized procedures that make the selecting of products easy and thorough. Our modern, digital approach allows you to have seamless access to resources and digital updates that reduce lengthy email chains and miscommunication that cloud the home building process. Our intent is simple: to help you create beautiful lasting living spaces.

It is important to us to align our interests with yours and give you the tools to engineer the most value, elegance, and function for your investment. Ultimately our philosophy is about understanding you and your vision while simplifying the process of creating the home of your dreams.


All Phillip Price Construction homes come with a 12-month warranty and extended liability for latent defects up to 10 years.