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Discover how Phillip Price Construction can deliver an effortless home construction experience that makes building your guest house truly enjoyable.


Build A Luxury Custom Guest House!


At Phillip Price Construction we have found an economical solution that takes the mystery and complexity out of building a guest house. Our design build package simplifies the entire experience by guiding you through the design process, managing the permitting process, and delivering a simple, inexpensive, luxury guest home tailored your needs.


Choose From A Variety of Templates

600 Sq Ft Guest Houses


1000 Sq FT Guest Houses

800 Sq Ft Guest Houses


Features Of The Guest House Package

  • Spacious and inexpensive design templates

  • Dedicated team to walk you through the process from start to finish

  • Lasting quality custom home construction

  • Modern finishes, appliances, and material options

  • ADA design and product options

  • A simple and enjoyable experience

  • And so much more!


Custom Guest Homes Within Reach

Whether you are looking to build a guest house for rental income, add utility to your property or bring your family closer together, a simple guest house can add unparalleled value to your home. The ideal guest house balances lasting quality and modern amenities with a cost effective design and quick construction.


Spacious Guest House Case Study

The owners of this guest house in Morgan Hill struggled to find the right team who could accommodate their budget, and vision, but found the perfect solution to suit their family needs. They chose Phillip Price Construction for their transparent approach and streamlined guest house building package which allowed them to build the most space and luxury for their investment.


Which Contractor To Choose?

When all the right factors come together in a home project, the anxiety of the unknown is replaced with confidence and excitement. Working with the right team, building a new guest house can seem simple, and bring luxury within reach.


What’s Next?

  1. Fill out a form - Click “get started,” provide us with a detailed description of what you are looking to achieve, and let us know how we can reach you. Our project manager will contact you within 24 hours to start the conversation.

  2. Schedule a site walkthrough - After scheduling a phone call to discuss your project, we will schedule an on site walk through of the property, answer all your questions, and inform you of the next steps.

  3. Receive a proposal - From our meeting, we will provide a proposal of the services, schedule a call to go over each item on our estimate, and answer all your questions

  4. Choosing a Contractor - Once you are satisfied with our proposal, contracts and guarantees, we can submit plans in your city, prep utilities, schedule pre construction services, and manage your project through the permitting process.

  5. Starting your Dream Home - Once given city approval, work starts, and you will receive continuous updates, communication, and periodic on site walk-throughs. We want you to see your home come together and feel in control of the process from start to finish.


All Phillip Price Construction homes come with a 12-month warranty and extended liability for latent defects up to 10 years.


Start Building Your Guest Home Today!


Building Your Guest House With
Phillip Price Construction You Get:

  • Dedicated team to guide you through the process

  • Transparent contracts

  • Simple product selecting procedures

  • Abundant specialty experience

  • Professional photos of finished work

  • And much more!

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How do you structure your pricing?

When producing an estimate for our clients it is extremely important to us to set realistic expectations and deliver accurate numbers on the front end of the project. Our philosophy of home building and remodeling emphasizes trust and reliability through a deliberate focus on clear communication and honesty from start to finish.

The process that we have developed over years of experience gives you the tools and confidence to build your dream home with speed and efficiency while staying within your budget.

What is your approach when working with a new customer?

We start by identifying what objectives are the most important to you about your project. We take the time to learn what your ideal result would be and help you achieve that with personalized attention, education, and procedures that simplify the vast array of information and products in a step-by-step format.

How did you get started doing this type of work?

Phillip Price Construction was founded in 1985 after Phillip Price spent 10 years working in the trade. Starting as a journeymen carpenter, and later becoming a valuable foreman building large tracts and custom homes, his experience laid the foundation for Phillip Price to start his own business as a residential general contractor. Since Phillip Price Construction's founding and now passing on the trade through the next generation, our focus remains on building brilliant homes with meticulous attention to detail.

When can you start?

Once the the estimate and contract are approved, we can typically start within 2 weeks. During that time our team will prepare every last detail to start building the home of your dreams.


We Are The Ones Helping You


Phillip Price
General Contractor


Nick Price
Project Manager