Custom Home Remodeling Contractor In Morgan Hill, CA

Phillip Price Construction is a custom home builder, home improvement company, and general contractor with over 30 years of experience simplifying the home building process. Our client-first approach provides an effortless system for building beautiful homes with dynamic living spaces and meticulous detail.

Our philosophy in custom home construction and remodeling comes from our time and expertise in the field, but also a genuine interest in making the process simple and satisfying. We understand the sensitive relationship between you, the client, and the contractor you invite in your home. Building custom homes or large remodels requires trust and clear communication, our balance of flexibility and structure provides a thoughtful and enjoyable experience while building the home of your dreams.

We provide a full spectrum of custom home remodeling and construction services:

  • Construction company, Morgan Hill, CA

  • Remodeler, Morgan Hill, CA

  • Home Builder, Morgan Hill, CA

  • Kitchen Remodeler, Morgan Hill, CA

  • Bathroom Remodeler, Morgan Hill, CA

  • Custom Home Builder, Morgan Hill, CA

  • General Contractor, Morgan Hill, CA

  • Building restoration service, Morgan Hill, CA

  • Interior Construction Contractor, Morgan Hill, CA

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