Assemble Your Dream Home With This Simple Organizer!

Whether you’re building a new house on a plot of land or remodeling a portion of your home, having a stress-free process and the right tools, can make all the difference in your home construction experience. Clearly organizing your product selections with this organizer will make the process of customizing your home enjoyable, reducing long email chains and potential miscommunications.

We made this organizer because we know that starting a custom home or renovation project can be intimidating. Having a meticulous breakdown of all your home elements allows you to proactively shop and record the products  you envision in your dream home and communicate them efficiently. 


With the Free PPC Organizer you can:

  • Organize your products and materials
  • Find styles and features you want in your home 
  • Visualize budgets and calculate your expenditures
  • Track of decisions and potential options
  • Obtain a catalog of all the products in your project
  • Make sure you don't miss any critical decisions
  • Drive the job forward and eliminate unnecessary delays
  • Minimize miscommunication like long email chains and phone tag